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A2/A2 Premium Dairy

Your Milk Just Got EVEN BETTER!


Named for our Grandfather, Leon Nice, our 201 acre dairy farm is nestled in rural American Corner, MD. We truly believe in being Good Stewards of the Land! Since 1989, our family has pastured our Dairy Cows on 120 acres of permanent pasture. We have planted over 3000 trees to buffer the pastures and ditches. We use no till methods on the soil and are committed to soil health through proper nutrient management. Our farming techniques regenerate the soil, protecting the future of the land. Our Farm Sequesters Carbon as we rotationally graze our herd of A2/A2 Jersey cattle on our pastures.

The Jersey Cow herself, is an environmentally friendly cow. Jersey cows are smaller, eat less, drink less, creating less waste than her Holstein or Guernsey counterparts all while Thriving on Grass! She produces milk that is Richer, Full of Omega 3, CLA, Beta Carotene, easily digestible A2/A2 Protein, and Higher Butterfat. Our Process is Minimum Pasteurization, NO Homogenization resulting in a Superior Creamline Milk!

The Miller Family of Nice Farms Creamery, LLC

Why Drink Our Milk?
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