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We are transitioning our herd into A2/A2 Genetics! Learn how will this improve your milk!




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Sequestering Carbon: Celebrating Cattle




Visit the farm store: the farmer's market: or any of our other retail locations to purchase our pastured dairy products.


Named for our Grandfather, Leon Nice, our 201 acre dairy farm is nestled in rural American Corner, MD. We strive to provide the best dairy products in both freshness, and unrivaled nutrition. Our herd of 40 dairy cows are bred specifically for grazing. We maintain annual and perennial pastures, supplementing our girls' diet with quality hay and little grain. Our farm is a picture of yesteryear's agriculture: no silos, no large manure systems, no fields of corn. Just sustainable farming for a sustainable future.



Learn how Nice Farms Creamery is dedicated to providing superior dairy products in both freshness and nutrition: direct to the customer!

Why Drink Our Milk?

"Our dairy cows are truly pastured, which makes our dairy products richer, taste better, and better for you! We produce all of our dairy products right on our farm: no milk-shipping, no middle man, giving you the freshest milk and yogurts possible! "

The Miller Family of Nice Farms Creamery, LLC


Nice Farms Creamery, LLC