Cutlass : Chapel’s Country Creamery owners, Trisha & Jarred Boyce, put their cheesemaking skills to the test with this washed rind gem. Perfectly funky and tangy, Cutlass is washed for at least 1 month with Cutlass Vienna Lager from Heavy Seas Brewery in Baltimore, Maryland. The tacky orange rind has a pleasant granular texture contrasting sharply from the super creamy, bright, and smooth palate. The washing process lends a funky and bitter finish to the cheese balancing the sweet and tangy paste. *Pasteurized Milk 


Chapel’s Country Creamery is an independent, family-owned and operated farm nestled on 45 acres just outside of Easton, Maryland. Our award-winning farmstead cheeses begin with fresh raw milk from our herd of registered Jersey and Holstein cows. Using time-tested methods, we then turn that cream-laden milk into handcrafted artisanal cheeses, full of flavor and wholesome goodness. We invite you to taste the difference! All Cheeses are vacuum packed in approximately 7-8 oz portions.




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