Thank You for supporting our COVID19



Thank you for your Support!

When the threat of COVID19 was imminent upon our communities, our leadership in Maryland took swift action to keep Marylanders safe! While these unprecedented actions were instrumental in flattening the curve, it had a devastating effect on our business overnight. The beginning of our 2020 season saw us dumping milk on the ground instead of ramping up production for markets, concerts, and other community events.

Because of your support of our Emergency COVID19 home delivery routes, we were able to weather this storm and pull through. For a small family farm that had never attempted such an endeavor before, we began putting in 18 hour days to milk the cows, bottle the milk, organize orders and load our trucks to make sure our neighbors could continue to receive fresh, wholesome dairy products while the Stay at Home order was in effect. 

Now that the Stay at Home order has been lifted many of you are returning to work as we enter the summer season. Maryland is getting back to business as usual much faster than we had anticipated. We have made the decision as a company to suspend the COVID19 Home Delivery Routes until such a time if/when a second hits and a stay-at-home order goes into effect again. When that occurs we will be ready to respond immediately with home delivery again. In the meantime, we will certainly continue to supply our retail partners, farmers markets, farm stands, and grocery outlets.

Thank you again for supporting a truly pastured, small family farm. You have proven that when times get tough- you have to get local!