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to HELP!

The COVID-19 Crisis has caused record unemployment and has left many families in our local communities food insecure. Our farm is also struggling, as we are not immune to the effects the pandemic has had on our coffee shop, restaurant, and cafe business. We find ourselves dumping milk on the ground in a time when many families are in need!  With the help of Pat Harvey of the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association and Jan Willis, the Feeding Branch Director of Talbot County, we have come up with a way to help feed those in need while supporting your local dairy farmer through this challenging time!

Help someone in need by purchasing a gallon of milk at a reduced price (to cover processing and packaging expenses)  and we will deliver that gallon of FRESH milk to our local Food Pantries in Talbot and Caroline County throughout the - we want to make weekly deliveries of fresh milk to help the families in our communities!


Together we can help ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE while SUPPORTING EACH OTHER during this crisis! 

How can I help?



When we started this drive, we had faith the community would support us- but we had no idea how MUCH you guys

LOVED your DAIRY COWS! You have put these girls back to work and we are grateful!

Special thanks to Pat Harvey of the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association, Jan Willis of the Talbot County LCT, Cheryl of the Wesleyan Food Drive in Caroline County, the various churches and kitchens who have reached out to us, our NEIGHBORS in Federalsburg and Preston as well as Officer Dan Franklin who SUPPORTED US HARDCORE! Thank you to John B. of LOGS 2 LUMBER, Brandon B. of Rise Up Annapolis, Karl W. of Lewes Delaware and all the patrons of the HLFM who donated! Thank you to our market supporters for your generous donations at the CAFM and the Riva Road Market. Thank you to Christa J. and Susan L. as well as all of our home delivery supporters helping us through this crisis. We are closing donations so that we can get these girls pastured up and milking to fill the needs of our local community's food banks.